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Reviews and testimonials

"I had a great experience in the Onto Stone basic anchors course. Joe was very thorough, covering the fundamentals thoroughly as well as including some advanced options/variations & tricks of the trade. Highly recommended for anyone transitioning to outdoor trad or sport climbing, or needing a refresher!"
Jeff I.
Basic Anchors Course
"Had an absolutely incredible experience with Joe! He is extremely knowledgeable and is patient and thorough in his approach. He not only shows what to do, but describes potential lead up of the scenario. He walks through everything one step at a time and spares no detail, which is hugely helpful to understanding the “why” behind each and every process. He also has you repeat the steps of his process back to him, which personally was a game changer for me remembering each step and checking my understanding along the way. I highly recommend Joe! I’ve had other guides in the past who rush the process and just want to check the boxes of you getting you up a climb. Joe has your safety your desire to grow to be self reliant in mind from the very beginning. If you’re on the fence, definitely go with Joe. You’ll learn so much and meet a really cool climber in the process!"
Madison S.
Self-Rescue Course
"I recently had the privilege of receiving amazing rappelling and rock-climbing instruction from Joe. I cannot express enough how Joe's expertise, enthusiasm, and support made these experiences truly remarkable.
As a beginning rock-climber and having never rappelled, Joe's ability to tailor the experience to my skill level was exceptional. He was easily able to tailor routes that were both challenging and yet achievable to my level. He had me feeling like a true climber in no time. Joe is also very meticulous with his attention to detail and safety - which allowed me to fully focus on the experience and not my safety concerns. After numerous lessons with him, I was able to embark on an epic canyoneering and rappelling trip through one of the most breathtaking and difficult sections of the Grand Canyon with confidence. If you're seeking an instructor who will go above and beyond to ensure your safety, growth, and enjoyment, look no further than Joe at Onto Stone. Prepare to be inspired and amazed by his guidance as you conquer new heights in the world of rock climbing."
Tim A.
Custom Course
"I spent a day out learning efficient multi pitch transitions with Joe. He provides excellent climbing skills instruction! He is extremely knowledgable due to his extensive climbing experience and he is committed to always keeping up with current best practices. When teaching a new skill, he explains how to do it, why it is done the way it is done, and under what circumstances it is appropriate. He is patient and willing to answer questions so that you feel comfortable and confident as you apply what you learn. He's a fun guy to spend a day outside with and is stoked to help you achieve your climbing goals. I can't say enough good things!"
Alex F.
Custom Course
"I took the anchor course with Onto Stone LLC, and was very impressed by Joe's expertise and ability to teach. He picked a great spot outdoors at the mission gorge, and thoroughly walked us through the basics - even some of the advanced stuff. His explanations were rich with details, putting me in a spot where I was in control and understood at any time what I was doing. Joe is also most concerned about safety. I even saw him take action to eliminate safety hazards for other climbers nearby that were not part of our group. I highly recommend Onto Stone LLC!"
Andreas K.
Basic Anchors Course
"Joe’s self rescue class has allowed me to feel confident while climbing and has enabled me to push past mental barriers knowing I have the fundamentals of self rescue. Joe is a great guy and you can tell he really wants you to learn the process. When I had questions, he was super knowledgeable and would explain realistic examples of when these issues can occur and how to problem solve them on the fly. Thanks Joe!"
Zachary L.
Self-Rescue Course