Basic Outdoor Climbing Course

This course is designed for students who are new to climbing in general, or who have predominantly climbed indoors in a gym environment. Climbing outdoors is vastly different than climbing in the gym for many reasons. There are multiple unique safety considerations and skillsets which must be learned in order to make the transition from indoor to outdoor climbing. We recognize and respect this, and offer a comprehensive 2 day Basic Outdoor Climbing Course to help our students feel more safe and confident when climbing with their more experienced partners at the crag.

Our Basic Outdoor Climbing Course covers outdoor etiquette, outdoor safety and movement in the mountains, equipment, basic climbing knots, climber communication skills, toprope and lead belaying with an ATC and assisted braking device, climbing techniques, rapelling, and lowering off the top of a climb.

Pricing and details: 

Course Length: 6 hours/day x 2 days

Course Size: Max 4 students

Course Location: Local crag

Price: $350 per student

*Sign up with a partner for $40 off for each partner.

We like to be flexible and work with our clients’ schedules. Check @OntoStone on Instagram or Facebook for upcoming course dates, or contact us to set up a course. We are happy to open a course on a date of your choosing.