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Courses We Offer

Anchors are the foundation of our connection to the rock, and being able to build and recognize a solid anchor is key to our safety and that of our partners. Onto Stone offers both Basic and Advanced Anchors Courses to help you hone your anchor building skills.

Lead climbing is the goal toward which every new climber strives. Our Sport and Traditional Lead Climbing Courses are a great way to take your climbing to the next level.

This  two- day comprehensive course is designed for students who are new to climbing in general, or who have predominantly climbed indoors in a gym environment. 

What would you do if you were mid-way up a multipitch climb and you or your partner became injured? What if a storm rolled in and you needed to retreat? What if your rope was damaged by rockfall? Our self rescue courses are designed for experienced climbers who want to learn this valuable skill set.

We offer guiding for those who just want a fun day out on the rock, as well as custom courses for climbers looking to learn skills that cross between our standard offerings, or  those who prefer to learn in a one on one environment.   

At Onto Stone we specialize in personalized instruction for individuals and climbing partners, or small group classes with no more than four people to ensure each student gets the attention they deserve. Beyond the standard courses we offer fully custom courses for those who have experience climbing and are seeking particular skills which may span across multiple course offerings. Course length may range from as little as two hours, to as much as two days, depending on the needs of the climber. We will have a phone consultation before every custom course to ensure we are providing you with the skills you wish to learn.

While many of our courses are taught at local crags, we find that some advanced skills such as self-rescue and multi-pitch efficiency techniques, are best taught in a ground based environment, away from the dangers and distractions of the crag. We have a personally designed anchor lab at our home office to teach these technical skills. This offers the advantage of learning in a private space with the instructor, on the ground, and free from additional anxiety or distraction.