Onto Stone LLC

Guiding and Rock Climbing Instruction

Onto Stone LLC

Guiding and Rock Climbing Instruction

Meet Onto Stone

I’m Joe Garcia, owner of Onto Stone. I’ve been climbing since 1992 and in those thirty years of experience I’ve taken courses in basic climbing, anchors, self rescue , lead climbing, and have an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor certification. I understand the importance of knowledgeable instruction and how it helps make our time in the mountains that much more safe, efficient and fun. At Onto Stone, we keep our class sizes small (never more than 3:1 student to instructor ratio) to provide personal attention, and to create a  learning experience tailored to our clients’ individual needs.

Climbing is an amazing sport that can quickly take over your life . It has given me the opportunity to see amazing places in several countries with my wife and great friends. I hope to share with you my knowledge in climbing to help you seek out adventures on the rock !

Hi, I’m Jenny Cohen, the other half of Onto Stone! I’m mostly behind the scenes helping with marketing and administrative support, but you might see me out and about helping Joe run courses, belaying, and carrying gear. I’ve been climbing since 2008 and my penchant for thin cracks and tiny crimps has earned me the nickname “Ratfingers”. Climbing helped me maintain my sanity during my training to become an ER doctor, and has allowed me to make some of the best friends I have. I’m super stoked to share my love of climbing and the outdoors with others as part of Onto Stone, and I look forward to meeting you all out at the crag!

Courses We Offer

Anchors are the foundation of our connection to the rock, and being able to build and recognize a solid anchor is key to our safety and that of our partners. Onto Stone offers both Basic and Advanced Anchors Courses to help you hone your anchor building skills.

Lead climbing is the goal toward which every new climber strives. Our Sport and Traditional Lead Climbing Courses are a great way to take your climbing to the next level.

This  two- day comprehensive course is designed for students who are new to climbing in general, or who have predominantly climbed indoors in a gym environment. 

What would you do if you were mid-way up a multipitch climb and you or your partner became injured? What if a storm rolled in and you needed to retreat? What if your rope was damaged by rockfall? Our self rescue courses are designed for experienced climbers who want to learn this valuable skill set.

We offer guiding for those who just want a fun day out on the rock, as well as custom courses for climbers looking to learn skills that cross between our standard offerings, or  those who prefer to learn in a one on one environment.  

Lets Join Our Adventure

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Contact Us

Reach out for more information or to schedule a class. We look forward to hearing from you.